I recently read a great post from the blog The Art of Education. It reminded me of the very first activity in our newest release Fooling Around.

It was all about how to get kids to draw self-portraits.  Check out the article by Abby Schukei.

Funny how somewhere along in a person’s development we all seem to shy away from wanting to represent ourselves in pictures.  Almost to a huge pain point.  And with some kids this is really big, so a self-portrait is downright torture.

Anyway I think this is a great way to develop a health liking of ourselves. And lessen the stress from fear of judgement.  Luckily, the younger a child, the less likely they have developed the aversion to looking at themselves.

No matter the age, I believe this is really smart.

The first step is to have the Snapchat app (application) on your phone. Take a picture of yourself with the face filter added.  I love puppy faces.  Who doesn’t?

Save the picture. You can print the picture as a guide, if you want to.

Draw, or even trace, the selfie image.  Add color, or keep it black and white.  It is up to the artist.

Remember to frame and hang your self-portrait.

I have also added the instructions on how to create stencils that can be made for the face painting activity. So if you really like one of the Snapchat filters, make a stencil to re-create the look with paint.

All in all, I really like how this activity helps kids feel comfortable in their own skin, while embracing their individual spirit.

So why not try it?!  And please share your selfie drawings and/or face paintings!