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A Challenge For Kids of Every Age!

This book series is a unique collection of more than 1,000 creative activities, games and projects for kids.  The books are filled with the things young people love to do…

Creating, Exploring, Playing, Building, Pretending, Rummaging, Tinkering and Having Fun!

Develop skills… coordination… cooperation… confidence to try new things by themselves or with their friends… the creative ability to turn idle time into fascinating hours of absorbing activity!

Challenging today’s kids to stimulate their curiosity, to excite their imagination, to get them involved in developing new and absorbing interests.  Education hidden in fun and creativity.

The activities are simple enough for preschoolers to start up… and there are projects to challenge active kids at every age!  The books all have additional pop-ups with even more background and interesting history and facts.

Kids Creative Activities Book Blogs

Fooling Around with Selfie Paintings

Face painting and self portraits are all a part of Kids Creative Activities Books’ Fooling Around. The book’s kids activities cover disguises and secrets, codes and ciphers.

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“Acting Up” is Released!

YEAH!  We did it.  The dream is a reality! Today the first book in the Kids Creative Activities Books was reviewed and approved by Kindle. "Acting Up" covers three types of acting exercises. Whether you are practicing on your own or with a group of friends, you'll...
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Multiplication of Good, the Definition of Community Service

Hello! My name is Amelia and I like to do a lot of things for the community. I was born into a caring family; my mom founded and ran a nonprofit business to help people with disabilities enjoy the arts. So, it was easy for me to find joy in helping others, as I grew...
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The Orange Juice Message

I tried the activity- Secret Message with O.J. (Orange Juice) I say it worked! The O.J. sort of showed through, once it dried. The light did not really help, so I recommend a brighter light. I found that the paper is very crinkly after. I also only used one q-tip, not...
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